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Manipulated Horse Series - 12" Mosaic Clydesdale


Your manipulated horse is one of a series and will arrive signed & numbered, that is handcrafted by artist Newy Fagan. She has pioneered in the rediscovery of the most ancient glass processes in the contemporary kiln formed glass movement. The Series was started in 1987


Each kiln formed glass horse requires fusing at temperatures exceeding 1450 degrees. At a full fuse, the different layers of compatible glass (which form the design) melt into one thickness. While wearing heavy zetex gloves, Newy must remove the heated shelf containing the flat horse, and in under 30 seconds, lift out two legs with a spartula. The horse is then quickly shaped, uprighted and transferred into a second kiln for annealing, which is the controlled cooling of glass to relieve stress. All are exclusively handcrafted by the artist.


Your horse will arrive signed and numbered. Shipping includes up to 3 horses per box.

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